When we first started in the buffalo business, it was because we were intrigued with the animals.  Little did we know what a great importance the buffalo meat would play in our lives. As the concern for low cholesterol in our diets continues, we were elated to discover the very low cholesterol level in buffalo meat.

West Pasture 2009

The recovery of the buffalo is an old story, but contrary to a lot of public opinion, the buffalo is no longer a rare and fragile national treasure. Rather, it is a flourishing breed that is becoming a regionally popular food source – the only wild animal in the U.S. being pastured as a food animal. Buffalo will eat all grasses and weeds, and are practically disease-free.

Diet Center approves buffalo meat as legal protein on all phases of the Diet Center program. Weight Watchers recognize buffalo as a ‘neutral meat’, more acceptable than beef because of its dramatically low fat and cholesterol content.